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Technical Assessment

Our rigorous vetting saves you valuable engineering hours, while giving you all the data you'd need to make up your own mind. Our process is designed and led by engineers, and gets the basics out of the way so you can invest your time with the most qualified candidates, and focus your interview on aspects specific to your product and tech stack.

Soft Skills Assessment

Every candidate you receive has been vetted by our soft skills interview specialist for their language level, communication & collaboration skills. We know how vital these are for remote collaboration, so you receive a full report to help you assess their fit better.

The gemography way

What makes Gemography Talent different?

Talk to the right tech talent

Invest your time with pre-vetted talent, with strong interest in your company and ready to engage with your interview process.

Hire in days, not months

Hire the tech talent you need today, regardless of team size, region or timezone. Never compromise again.

Know all costs upfront, no surprises

Receive a cost estimate for each candidate, including their salary (local taxes included), and our service fees (HR & admin service, equipment, recruitment). No hidden fees.

Line up interviews with one email

Simply reply to the monthly email with any profiles you'd like to interview, and your availability, we take care of the rest.

Common Questions

What job roles can you help me fill ?

• Web Developers: React, Vue, Graphql, Node, Express, Python, Rails, Spring Boot.
• Data Engineers: Python, Airflow, Pandas.
• Mobile Developers: Android, Kotlin, iOS, Swift, React Native.

What happens if I like a talent profile?

You simply reply to the email to invite them to an interview and we arrange the rest for you, or your team.

How can I legally hire someone who isn't in my HQ country?

We offer to do that for you as an Employer of Record in your engineer's country. That way, they can benefit from the legal status of a full-time employee, with all the benefits that come along with it.You can also use another PEO service if you so wish.

What does it mean for me when you act as the employer of record?

It means that you’ll receive one monthly invoice that covers your developer’s salary as well as our HR & admin service. It also means your developer gets to have a full-time employment contract in compliance with local law. Which comes with health benefits and makes it easier to get a loan, and apply for a visa.

What aspects do you assess during your vetting and interviewing process?

Among the things we assess during our interviews are:
• Developer’s ability to deliver quality software within set timelines
• Their ability to leverage software engineering’s best practices
• Their ability to understand and communicate complex technical concepts
• How they adapt to typical challenges they will encounter working in a fast-paced startup environment (e.g unclear specifications or slow response time)
• Developer’s writing and communication skills, crucial in remote collaborations

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