Hiring and onboarding

Why startups need a unique breed of software engineers

Zack Braksa
Head of Developer Relations

So, let's talk about what makes these engineers unique and why startups should be really keen on hiring them.

But first, we need to understand what makes a startup different from an established company.

Startups are like the new kids on the block - young, nimble, and with tight budgets. They don't have the luxury of an established customer base, pre-defined processes, or a big pile of cash like their established counterparts.

Instead, they leverage their size to move fast (while not breaking too many things), get creative in how they stand out in a crowded market, attract users, and make a name for themselves.

And that's where the magic of being small and nimble comes into play. Startups can move quickly (without breaking too much stuff) and come up with clever ways to stand out in a sea of competition, win over users, and make a splash.

Now, this is where our special breed of software engineer shines. You see, startups are like a roller coaster ride - they're fast, exciting, and full of twists and turns. Every move, every moment, every choice matters a lot. So, engineers aren't just typing away at their keyboards; they're actually helping to build the whole company from scratch. To keep up with the ever-changing landscape, they need to be quick on their feet and ready to adapt at a moment's notice.

So, what makes these engineers stand out from the folks working at big, established companies? Here are some key qualities:

  1. Passion: Startups need engineers who truly care about what they're doing. They've got to be pumped about the company's mission and ready to put in the hard work to help the team win.
  2. Creativity: Startups need engineers who can think in all sorts of ways - inside the box, outside the box, and everywhere in between. They've got to come up with scrappy but workable solutions for experimental features, well-crafted answers for crucial features, and imaginative fixes for tricky problems.
  3. Flexibility: Startups need engineers who can juggle multiple roles. They might need to work on a bunch of different projects or technologies and be ready to switch gears fast when things change.
  4. Communication skills: Startups need engineers who can chat easily with both tech-savvy and non-techy teammates.

When you're hiring software engineers for a startup, it's not just about finding someone who knows their stuff technically. You also need someone who's got the right mix of skills and qualities to thrive in a high-speed, high-stakes world.

So, to wrap things up, startups need a special kind of software engineer. They're looking for people who are adaptable, inventive, and passionate about their work. On top of that, they need engineers who can talk the talk and work well with everyone on the team. By keeping these traits in mind during the hiring process, startups can put together a crew of engineers who'll help them stand out and succeed in a super competitive market.