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Gemography Community Survey 2021

Zack Braksa
Head of Developer Relations

Last month, we conducted an informal survey among Gemography fellows to identify the most used programming languages, tools, frameworks and apps. We're excited today to share with you the results!

About the data

At Gemography, we connect tech talent with remote opportunities. Naturally our fellows are leveraging a pretty diverse set oftechnologies.

The results of this survey reflect the answers of our fellows working at different companies, building different software platforms, using different tools & technologies.

Little disclaimer though, like almost all informal surveys, the results are to be taken with a grain of salt.

#1 Development Environments and Technology Tools

Let's start with the easy question: operating systems. Here, I'd say a clear preference for macOS, but then again Windows and Linux aren't that far behind. It would be interesting though to see the impact of the new chips from Apple on this chart (in a couple months).

Moving to text editors, VS Code takes the lead (no surprise). As for Vim, despite all the memes, it's clearly not going anywhere. The biggest surprise though is the absence of Emacs. Does it mean the editor war is over?

On the web browser side, expected to see Chrome and Firefox. Not so expected is Microsoft Edge. Microsoft clearly came a long way since ... you know, IE. Also surprising, Safari didn't make the top 3 (even though macOS had the lead).

As far as design tools go, Figma is growing faster than all the other tools and it shows.

#2 Most Used Programming Languages and Technologies

Programming languages are always a tricky subject to approach. So I'll let the results speak for themselves. 😉

#3 Front-end Frameworks and Development Tools

Moving to frontend frameworks, no surprises again, at least as far as the big 3 frameworks go. Also, interesting to see Next.js gaining momentum.

#4 Back-end Frameworks

No more legacy frameworks? Thank God for that.

#5 Data Engineering

Wait, where is MySQL?

#6 DevOps Tools

Probably not the most fair comparison. But as expected, Docker takes the lead, definitely getting harder and harder to avoid it when it comes to continuous deployment. But then again, why would you avoid it?

#7 Communication and Collaboration Tools

Here again, different teams are using different tools to get the job done. The clear winner is probably G Suite.

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